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Preschool Students 
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                                    Mrs. Kelley                              
                           Lead Teacher                
                             Bachelor of Science                
                     Birth-Kindergarten License                        
                                 Mrs. Darlene
                                 Teacher Assistant
                             Associates in EC
                              Working towards a
                  Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood

                          About the Classroom

The 3 year old classroom serves children ages 2 1/2-4. It is designed to prepare children for the pre-kindergarten classroom.  This classroom introduces children to pre-reading and math concepts, prepares children to play cooperatively, and provides many opportunities for language development.  The introduction of routines and rules allow for children to become more confident and independent within their learning environment.  Teachers prepare group and individual activities within the Creative Curriculum lesson plan to foster each child's fine/gross motor development, cognitive development and emerging language skills. Teachers also individualize education for each child by creating a Child Specifics Goal Plan that is developed by parent suggestions and teacher observation.

Preschool Playground